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Beagle Breed Clubs Support the DNA Genome Project


I am delighted that the UK Beagle Breed Cubs have joined together to support the Animal Health Trust/KC initiative “Give a Dog a Genome” and will be one of the fifty breeds to be sequenced. The Breeds were asked to raise £1000. This is half the cost of the work and the KC Charitable Trust will pay the other half.


This work sequences the DNA make up of each breed of dog, which can be used to compare against other members of the same breed. This is very useful when looking for disease patterns in sick dogs. It can also be used to compare against other breeds. Some conditions, such as epilepsy, occur in several breeds so this will have a profound affect on the ability to detect mutations causing disease.


Well done to all the breed clubs and Beagle Welfare for agreeing to support this project and responding within a week. This is a superb effort!


Beagle Welfare (reg. Charity), our own breed Rescue, is coordinating the fund raising and the Breed Clubs have already started sending in their donations to fund this exciting project.


There is more detail on the AHT website which answers the question “What is Whole Genome Sequencing?” and also the aims and objectives of the project .